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A student namely Susheel Raina is missing in Kashmir

Srinagar, April 29:  A boy namely Susheel Raina son of Badrinath resident of Chandrigam is missing since 04.04.2011 from Chandrigam, Ashmuqam police said on April 8.

Civilian’s killing sparks protest in Rafiabad, 10 injured

Srinagar, April 25: Killing of 30-year old man by unidentified persons triggered protests and clashes at Rafiabad in Baramulla district on Monday. At least 10 persons were injured when police and paramilitary CRPF personnel resorted to baton charge and fired teargas shells to quell massive protests.

The 30-year-old Muhammad Ashraf Lone son of Abdur Rashid Lone of Chatipora, Rafiabad, Rafiabad was shot dead by unidentified gunmen at Hail-Jageer on Sunday evening. Ashraf, a teacher at a local Madrassa, had reportedly gone missing on Thursday.

Civilian killed in Baramulla

Srinagar, April 24: Mohammad Ashraf Lone, 32, son of Abdul Rashid, a resident of Chattipora Sopore, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Baramulla district on Sunday.

Dead body of Mohammad Ashraf Lone, 30, son of Abdul Rashid Lone of Chatipora, Sopore Rafiabad  was recovered from the outskirts of Sopore in Baramulla district on Sunday. Senior police official of Sopore police station said the dead body was recovered from the orchards of


Police men beat up media persons

Srinagar, April 22, 2011: Police today prevented some local photo journalists from discharging their professional duty during the protest at Jamia Masjid in Srinagar and also beat them up.
The incident occurred soon after the protest rally was in the process of getting dispersed and the people were shouting slogans. A photojournalist said a senior police official ordered his subordinates to beat the media-persons. KT NEWS SERVICE-

Husband axes pregnant wife to death in Baramulla Kashmir

Srinagar, 22 April 2011: A man axed his pregnant wife to death in Uri in Baramulla district. Javed Ahmad Naik killed his 22-year-old wife, Nasreena Begum, by striking at her neck with an axe late last night, the police sources said. A police spokesman said a case has been registered against Naik. The motive of murder was not immediately known.

2-War Photographers killed in Libya Attack

Mistratet (Libya) April 21: Two photojournalists were killed and two others were injured during a mortar attack in Misrata, Libya, officials said on Wednesday.
Among the dead were award-winning war photographer Tim Hetherington and Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros.
Hetherington, one of the best-known photojournalists, produced powerful pieces for ABC News' Nightline from the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, and for the documentary Restrepo, which won an award at the Sundance Film Festival last year.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz’s assassination, people demands prob

The Chairman Jammu Kashmir Peoples League and senior APHC leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz (1952 – August 11, 2008), who was strong advocate of Right to Self-Determination of Kashmiri people and believed that an Independent plebiscite under UN supervision can bring long lasting peace in South-Asia was assassinated by of Indian Paramilitary Forces on August 11, 2008 in Uri in Baramilla while leading a peaceful public demonstration against the ‘economic blockade’ of the Kashmir by Indian Hindu extremist groups with the tacit support of the Indian government.

سرکردہ کشمےری اسلامی سکالر، سماجی لیڈر، جمعیت اہل حدیث کے صدر مولانا شوکت احمد شاہ کی شہادت اےک سا نحہ

  کشمیر میں -08 اپریل کو سرکردہ اسلامی سکالر، سماجی لیڈراور جمعیت اہل حدیث کے صدر مولانا شوکت احمد شاہ جس نے نے گزشتہ 22برس سے جدوجہد آزادی کشمیر میں متحرک کردار ادا کیا کو سرینگرکے علاقے مائسمہ میں مسجد کے گےٹ کے سامنے ایک بم دھماکے میںشہید کےاگےاشہید دینی رہنماء2009ءمیں دو قاتلانہ حملوں میں محفوظ رہے تھے ۔ حریت رہنماﺅںنے ان حملوں کو بھارتی خفیہ ایجنسیوں کی کارستانی قراردیا تھا ۔
بعد ازاں حریت رہنماوں مےرواعظ عمر فاروق ،محمد یاسین ملک سمیت دیگر حریت رہنماﺅں نے ہزاروں افراد کے ہمراہ لال چوک سرینگر میں مولانا شوکت احمد شاہ کی نماز جنازہ میں شرکت کی ۔ جنازہ کے بعد لوگوںنے بھارت مخالف اور جدوجہد آزدی کے حق میں فلک شگاف نعرے بھی لگائے گئے۔ سید علی گیلانی جوکہ گھر میں نظربند تھے کو نماز جنازہ میں شرکت کی اجازت نہیں دی گئی ۔


Indian army killed a youth in custody: said locals in Kupwara

Srinagar, April 16, 2011:  Indian troops killed a youth in custody in Kupwara district.

Indian CRPF Trooper molest a teenager student girl in Srinagar

Srinagar, April 17,2011: A 7th standard school student was molested by a Indian paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) trooper at Door Darshan Kendra (DDK) in Srinagar on Sunday when she was going to participate in a programme for children.

Sources within DDK while talking to media men said a student (name withheld) of Kashmir Havard School Malabagh was on way to participate in a weekly programme for children when a CRPF trooper followed her and molested here in the wash room.

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