“My Father-in-Law told me it is ours army.”Chatti Singhpora Victim

Srinagar, March 21, 2014: While observing the 14th anniversary of Chattisingpora massacre today along with hundreds of men, women and children of the village,  Narender Kour, a resident who lost her husband Gurbaksh Singh in the massacre refreshed the fateful night.
Remembering the fateful night she said, “It was 7:30pm when my husband left home for purchasing eggs, however till late evening didn’t returned. Meanwhile we come to know that Indian army has cordoned off the village and are demanding identify cards for the men of the community. My father-in-law also came inside the house and told me that its ours army so don’t worry they will release they after five minutes but minutes after we heard the gunshots  and when I came outside along with my children we saw sea of blood flowing, men taking last breaths.”
She said that it was painful to wait for justice for so long. “Years of years have passed since then but we still wait for justice.” She said, reports Kashmiri journalist Saahil Suhail.
Residents of the village including men, women and children village Chattisingpora who today observed the massacre demanded a probe into the massacre. “We will continue to raise our demand for an impartial probe into the massacre.” Geyani Singh, Sectrey Singh Shaba told media reporters.
In 2000 men in uniform killed 35 sikhs at two different locations in the village in the evening of March 20, on the eve of the US President Bill Clinton’s visit to India.
Chattisinghpora families await justice
Date: 21 Mar 2014: Srinagar: All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee Friday demanded a re-investigation into the Chattisinghpora Sikh massacre case and the subsequent Pathribal and Brakpora incidents. On the eve of 14th anniversary of the Chattisinghpora massacre, APSCC, Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina told CNS that it is surprising that even after the expiry of fourteen years, government of India and authorities failed to indict and expose the killers of the innocent Sikhs.
He said that the way Government has handled the case so far makes us believe that administration in Kashmir knows everything and want to spare the killers of the innocent people. “We have every reason to doubt on the designs of the government,” Raina said.
“An inclusive and time-bound enquiry into the killing of 36 Sikhs at Chattisingpura is the only way to find out the truth about all the events that took place after that massacre,” Raina told media men.