Ex-SOG officer threatens Kashmiri newspaper editor to teach a lesson

Srinagar, November 09:  In Srinagar, former officer of the counterinsurgency Special Operations Group (SOG), Syed Ashiq Hussain Bukhari, has threatened an editor of a Kashmir Valley-based newspaper to teach him a lesson for “painting a bad picture” of him in a news report.
Bukhari, who retired in February this year as Srinagar’s Senior Superintendent of Police and retained his official phone number, rang up Kashmir Reader Editor Showkat A. Motta in the morning, the other day, to convey the threat.
He had taken umbrage at the news report headlined EX-SOG officer Ashiq Bukhari addresses PDP rally, which appeared in this newspaper’s Thursday edition.
Asked what was there in the report, which infuriated him, Bukhari said it was mentioned he had been “instrumental in the killing of 300” liberation activists and commanders. “What do you think of yourself? Are you a messiah of Kashmiris,” he said.
Bukhari said, “I will see you. Today is your day, tomorrow would be mine.” Asked to mind his language and that if he meant to convey a threat, Bukhari said, “Yes, this is a threat.”