Few reports of young boys facing pellet injuries a gross hr violations in Kashmir

Youngest of pellet victims says he will pick up AK-4700
By Moazum Mohammad on July 21, 2016 kashmir reader SRINAGAR: Eight-year-old Asif of Khanabal is the youngest among the patients at SMHS hospital in Srinagar who are being treated for pellet injuries. Asif was hit by pellets on Tuesday evening, outside his home. A surgery was performed on Asif’s right eye on Wednesday. His father is yet to know if his son would regain eyesight. The patient on the bed next to Asif’s says that the previous night he asked the boy if he would pick up an AK-47 to take revenge. An indignant Asif replied, “Bah! I will pick up an AK-4700!”
In Kashmir, pellet gun victims are as young as 4 years
Ashiq Hussain, Hindustan Times, Srinagar: Jul 21, 2016
Kashmiri girl Insha Malik, 14, lays unconscious in a hospital bed after being shot with pellets fired by Indian  forces, with doctors saying she had lost vision in both eyes, in the surgical ICU hospital in Srinagar on July 14.)
Children continue to get maimed by the wanton use of pellet guns by the Indiab government forces in Kashmir.
The latest victims are eight-year-old Asif Rashid and 13-year-old Mir Arafat, both of whom were hit by pellets fired by indian forces to disperse protesters in Khanabal area of Islamabad on Tuesday evening.
‘First patient to have pellets in heart’ is 13 years old
By JUNAID NABI BAZAZ on July 21, 2016 Kashmir reader
13-year-old Mir M Arafat has been lying unconscious inside the ICU of SMHS hospital since Tuesday evening. Two oxygen lines are keeping him alive. His torso, perforated with pellets, is enmeshed in wires that show on a screen his pulse rate and blood pressure. A number of such patients in the hospital are lying in the same state, but Arafat’s case is unique. Pellets have entered his heart, lungs, blood vessels, neck, and oral cavity., Dr Kaisar Ahmad, who is looking after this special case, said. “He is the first patient so far whose heart has been hit by pellets.”
Arafat was hit on Tuesday evening at Nandpora in Islamabad, a kilometer away from his residence. Tanveer, his father, said thatIndian  police fired pellets at Arafat and his three friends while they were chatting outside a shop.  Dr Kaisar Ahmad informed that there were five patients at SMHS who were critical.
13-year-old Arfat has pellets in heart, intestines, chest, eyes and spinal-cord
Seven-year-old boy loses eye to pellet injuries, say doctors
Srinagar,  Jul 21 2016 GKZEHRU NISSA
13-year-old Arfat has pellets in heart, intestines, chest, eyes and spinal-cord
13-year-old Mir Arfat from Khanabal area of Islamabad district has been hit by pellets in his vital organs and is battling for life at SMHS hospital here.
The Class 7th student—the latest victim of ‘deadly’ pellets—has pellets in his heart, intestines, abdomen, chest, neck, eyes and in his spinal-cord area as well, said a senior doctor who examined Arfat. “We can’t say anything about his condition right now. The priority is that his condition should remain stable first. We will monitor him for next 12 hours and then only a decision will be taken on operating him for removing pellets from his heart cavity,” said the doctor.
Don’t know how bullets hit me, says 13-year-old Aaqib
“I had gone to my uncle’s place and was just strolling in the compound of the house when suddenly I saw army men pointing their guns towards people and firing indiscriminately,” said Aaqib, a student of Class 8th.
GKKHALID GUL Islamabad,  Jul 21 2016 GK: Hit by a bullet in his abdomen, 13-year-old Aaqib does not show any sign of impatience at the post-operative ward of District Hospital Anantnag. Surrounded by his parents, he looks calm and composed.
Aaqib sustained critical injuries in his abdomen when army opened fire in Churat village of Devsar Qazigund on Monday evening. Three persons including two women were killed and seven others injured in the firing that triggered fresh protests and clashes.
170 pellets inside body, left eye gone, at 18 years of age
By NAZIR GILLO on July 21, 2016 kashmir readerSRINAGAR: A young man’s life has been wrecked by “non-lethal” pellets that have blinded him in one eye, lodged themselves in hundreds in his entire body, many close to his heart, and shattered his dream of going to Bangalore to study an undergraduate course. A gun’s entire ammunition of 200 pellets was fired into his chest, abdomen, face, from point-blank range just because he found himself standing before a murderous man in uniform.
Mudassir Ahmad Lone, 18 years old, had no inkling that he would be shot at so brutally, for he was merely participating in a peaceful protest in his native Makhahama village in Budgam district. Jahangir Ahmad, a childhood friend who is looking after Mudassir at the SKIMS hospital, said that his friend was shot on Monday last week, three days after Hizb commander Burhan Wani was killed.
Facing forces’ wrath, 60-year old woman writhes in pain
Many others sustain grievous injuries
GKKHALID GUL Islamabad,  Jul 20 2016 :Shameema Akhtar (60) from Verinag area of this South Kashmir district is writhing in pain in the District Hospital Islamaba. She has been beaten up by the Indian army men and has suffered severe fractures in arms and leg.
“I was at a neighbor’s house on Monday evening when Indian  army barged inside, dragged me, punched and kicked me and hit me with gun butts,” said Shameema, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital.She said that the Indian army personnel abused her and other inmates of the house and threatened to kills them.
“Shameema was not alone to face the wrath. Other men and women- young and old including Shameema’s sister Mahjabeena were also beaten to pulp,” said the attendants. Others who sustained grievous injuries included Tariq Ahmad Wani, Manzoor Ahmad Shaksaz and Aadil Ahmad Bhat.
Tariq, his family said, was beaten up by the Indian army when he was coming out of the mosque after offering evening prayers. “We were coming out of the mosque when the army men arrived on the spot, caught hold of Tariq and beat him up mercilessly. They trampled him down under their feet and hit him with gun butts on his abdomen and chest,” said his nephew Aamir Rashid, a class 12th student.
He said it was Tariq’s 13-year old son, Adnan, who saved him from the clutches of the army. “Adnan too was beaten up but he somehow managed to free his father” Tariq has been operated upon but he is unable to talk. “Due to severe beating Tariq has suffered traumatic rupture of spleen,” said a doctor at the hospital
Teenager beaten to death, 12-year-old brother witnesses beating, body kept hostage at police control room for 7 hours, along with mourning mother
By Hilal Mir on July 20, 2016
TuliNowpora (Kulgam): The grandfather begins to narrate how his 15-year-old grandson was beaten to death at a nearby soldiers’ camp. He attempts it at his own pace in the room where, during the past week, he has been receiving people offering condolences. Many people interrupt him, eager to supply the old man with what they think is the important link, a vital piece of information he might be skipping, in the narrative.
Hit by pellets on vital organs, 13-yr boy battles for life
Manzoor-ul-Hassan Rising kashmirSrinagar, July 20:Mir Muhammad Arafat, a 13-year-old boy from South Kashmir’s Anantnag district, sustained pellet injuries on vital organs in pellet firing by the cops and is battling for life at SMHS hospital Mir Mohammad Arafat son of Ghulam Nabi Mir of Dantar has received pellets on vital organs including heart during pellet firing by police in Khanabal area of South Kashmir’s Islamabad district on July 19. Doctors treating him at SMHS hospital, here are keeping their fingers crossed as hundreds of pellets have hit him on chest, abdomen and neck leading to serious injuries. “It is difficult case to handle as major vital organs are affected,” said a doctor treating him.
On July 19, Arafat had gone to meet his friend in Khanabal area after there was some relaxation in curfew.
These girls were not pelting stones and are serving punishment on hospital beds
 • Mental scars of injury begin to show among pellet, bullet victims
Shafaq Shah Rk Srinagar, July 20:They were not pelting stones nor were they participating in the protests as the criteria for being killed or injured goes in Kashmir, but still these young girls were maimed with bullets and pellets.
Fifteen-year-old Insha Malik will never be able to see again. Her optic nerve has been damaged because of the volley of pellets fired upon her by the government forces. And this thought of never being able to see haunts her every single day.
“She silently asks me, ‘have I become blind,’ then I give her false hope and say ‘No, you haven’t, but it will take a long time to regain the vision.’ This too disappoints her, but it’s still better than being told that ‘you can’t see now,” says Insha’s father, Mushtaq Ahmad.
The 9th standard student was at home in south Kashmir’s apple town Shopian on July 9 when protests were going on outside following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander, Burhan Wani.
“Our house is on the main road. One can easily see what’s going on the street outside. Insha and her cousin were in the kitchen. Suddenly police fired pellets inside the kitchen and Insha was injured,” says Mushtaq.
On seeing Insha’s face smeared with pellets, the family rushed her to district hospital Shopian in a private car of a passerby and then came down to SMHS hospital Srinagar in an ambulance. And since then Insha is living a traumatic life, recalling everyday how the government forces nearly killed her.
Dr Asiya Niyaz is one of the team members of the Crisis Intervention Cell, a group of physiatrists who are counseling the patients who have undergone trauma in these 12 days. She says Insha is not able to forget this particular incident.
DH Pora woman’s killing deflates govt theory on protester attacks
By Hilal Mir on July 21, 2016 Kashmir reader
Kulgam: The killing of a young woman, Yasmeena Wani, in DH Pora area of Kulgam district on July 8 and its aftermath is an example of the many battles that are being fought simultaneously in the valley. The biggest of these struggles is the struggle of truth, curfewed and gagged, against the state propaganda, unrestricted and relentless.
For the state and some of its unsolicited extensions, the majority of Indian news channels, Yasmeena is the victim of ‘mob frenzy’, meaning she became the victim of ‘defensive’ police firing meant to fend off a big crowd that attacked and set ablaze the DH Pora police station on July 9, a day after Burhan Wani was killed. But even for DH Pora, which its residents say has been tempered over the years by the lavish love for frenzied voting, the state version of how Yasmeena died is obscene.
Father of four tortured savagely in Kulgam village
By Hilal Mir on July 21, 2016 K  reader: Tuli Nowpora (Kulgam): A message popped up on the phone camera: ‘you have run out of the memory, delete some data’. I had just begun to record the statement of Feroz Ahmad Shah, 44, a drug store owner from TuliNowpora, Kulgam, whose torture at the hands of the government forces can only be described as savage.
When I asked him to say it again from the beginning, one could sense the hesitance. He averts camera’s gaze, lowers his face and after a brief pause said: