Kashmir students attacked over T20 cricket match, 12 Kashmiri students injured in India

Srinagar, 21 March 2014: On a day Pakistan and India are to lock horns in the ongoing T20 World Cup being played in Bangladesh, at least twelve Kashmir students  injured after they were  attacked by local students  before Friday congregational prayers in  Chittorgarh University in Rajasthan in India. 
Reports said that today at around 11:45 am IST, some local students started hurling abuses at Kashmir students. “Situation turned hostile after the local students, who were about 30-40 in numbers thrashed four Kashmir students,” a BTech student from Kashmir, who insisted not to be named, told GNS over phone from the Meewar varsity.
The latest ‘attack’ on the Kashmir students, yet again, is linked to the game of cricket between India and Pakistan.
“We were preparing for Friday prayers,” he said, adding: “In their assault, one student fell unconscious, who was removed by his colleagues to the hostel room.” “In the meantime, the local students including the residents of the area started to pelt stones on Kashmiri,” he added.
He said that all this happened in the presence of local police and varsity administration and they played role of mute spectators.
About 650 Kashmir students who are pursuing different courses at the varsity have been threatened. 
The student said that they are being harassed since March 2, when Pakistan defeated India. “Since then, they are targeting us and they want that we should leave the varsity,” he said.
The student said ‘we want to leave the varsity’, but “we have been cornered from all sides and they aren’t letting us to go”.
Earlier, At least 67 Kashmir students were suspended by Meerut’s Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU) over cheering for Pakistan cricket team after they defeated India in a league match of previously held Asia cup in Bangladesh and were charged with sedition. However, after a public outcry, the sedition charges were revoked, but the students have been booked for creating communal hatred and ruckus. 
 According to a news reports in Kashmir Life, the students were attacked with lathis and stones after they had offered their Friday prayers.
According to the report, the students have said that school administration did not pay any heed to their complaints and instead ask them to wait for two or three days.
 The students are seeking refuge in one of the classrooms of the university as they are too afraid to go back to their hostels.There has been no response from the administration of the university, as yet.