28 SEPTEMBER 2012:Reporters Without Borders reiterates its alarm about the growing threats to journalists in India after Azhar Qadri, a reporter for the independent Kashmir Tribune newspaper, was beaten and arrested by police while covering a protest in Srinagar on  September 26.
"We condemn violence by the Indian police against journalists and call on the authorities to do what is necessary to ensure that this latest attack does not go unpunished," Reporters Without Borders said.
Qadri told Reporters Without Borders he was interviewing a group of female student protesters near old secreterate when a policeman hit him in the face. Qadri identified himself as reporter but the policeman persisted with his assault and was joined by at least 10 to 15 other police officers, who kicked me and hit me with their rifles.
A colleague who was with Qadri confirmed to Reporters Without Borders that the assault was completely unprovoked.
Qadri added: "I was forced into a police vehicle and taken to Shaheed Gunj police station, where I was held for over an hour. Before releasing me, they made me sign a paper. When I asked why I had to sign it, they told me I’d better sign quietly or they would book me on fabricated charges."